Ph.D student in Ethnomusicology at the CUNY Graduate Center. I am particularly in interested in music, dance, and the state in the Arabian peninsula. I teach the introductory course entitled “World of Music” at Hunter College. For this blog, I intend to focus not only on ethnomusicological and anthropological topics, but also think about fieldwork techniques and technology, academic writings, professionalization, and my emerging understanding of the state of the field and the academy.

Mu – sing- ing is a silly English neologism I thought up to translate the great Iraqi maqām scholar and performer Hussein al-‘Adhamī’s Arabic neologism “غناسيقى : ghinā-sīqa”, a combination of “غناء : singing”  and “موسيقى : music”. His intention was to highlight the Iraqi maqām’s essence as a vocal music, mine is to highlight the ruminative essence of blogging as an academic medium. Mine doesn’t work as an academic fadword or as a good pun, so I figured a blog title would be just about right.

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